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Reasons / Facts

What makes aMbooo bamboo products so worthwhile.

100% Bamboo

As a basis we exclusively use highland bamboo, hard, fast re-growth and tree-free.


Our thermal treatment modifies the bamboo fibres thus increasing durability.

Simple installation

Frontal tongue + groove and longitudinal groove enable simple, safe and easy installation.

Durable and hard

Strong as steel and as long-lasting as tropical wood but CO2 positive.

Slip resistant

with our surface design we achieved high resistance.

Decking with system

Tongue and Groove minimizes material waste during installation.

Dimensionally stable

No natural spiral grain as with wood. Very low absorption and contraction behaviour.

CO² – neutral

Up to 1 meter growth a day. A giant grass with best marks for ecology.

Anti UV Shield

With our maintenance products guaranteed less greying as with Timber caused by UV Light.

Class A, Fire Rating

according ASTM E84, Download testreport

The manufacturing of aMbooo products is realized exdusively by using bamboo culms from sustainably managed bamboo forests.

Each culm must be at least 5 years old and harvested in the highlands. Only highland bamboo possesses sufficiant strength to stand up to both our and your demands for modern and resistant decking boards.

The  culms are processed through thermo-mechanical technology. This process has been developed by us over decades and matched to the requirements of a premium product.

All our decking and cladding boards are thermo modified.


aMbooo decking and cladding

made of bamboo

Production of aMbooo terraces

For the production of aMbooo products only bamboo stems are used from sustainably managed bamboo forests. Each stalk must be at least 5 years old and harvested in the highlands.

Only Highland Bamboo has sufficient strength to meet our requirements for a modern and resistant terraces covering.

The stems are refined by a thermomechanical technology. This process has been further developed over decades to perfection and adapted to the requirements of a premium product.

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Ready for installation

aMbooo decking boards are pre-oiled at the factory.

Once the installation has been completed, the surface should be given initial treatment using the appropriate aMbooo Special Bamboo Care Oil to achieve optimal protection from weather incidence. If this initial care is not carried out it could be that under certain conditions the decking surface is not sufficiently protected from weather incidence and any eventual occurrences of material change may be more severe than normal.

Natural characteristics

Bamboo is a natural material and for hundreds of years has been a highly popular building material in Asia.

The uniqueness of this natural product is typified by an extremely high structural strength, good processing opportunities and the distinctive character of each single element. This natural and rustic character, which lends bamboo its special charm, is however also contingent to certain constraints in quality that have to be taken into consideration.

Bamboo, Wood
Usefull facts

about bamboo

  • Bamboo grows faster than any other plant on earth.
  • Bamboo generates 10 – 30% biomass yearly.
  • Some bamboo species grow up 3 feet a day.
  • Bamboo has no thickness growth, stemming entirely from the ground
  • Bamboo is used in the production of biodiesel
  • Bamboo is used to replace steel reinforced concrete in the building industry
  • Bamboo has been known for a long time as an unbeatable help against soil erosion.
  • Bamboo derivatives are em­ployed in car manufacturing and in other industrial products
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