Maintenance Guidelines

ambooo care
special maintenance products made in Germany

aMbooo continues looking like new

You made a smart choice with aMbooo Decking, Cladding and Fencing for your house and garden- a German engineered outdoor product with superior resistance to decay and natural durabilty.

Exclusive look, climate positive and sustainable.

Once you have installed aMbooo, you may wish to maintain the orginal color with our special aMbooo bamboo formulated maintenance care products or let it weather naturally- it is up to you. Either way you‘ll have a long-lasting, beautiful project.

Keep aMbooo looking great

Any material exposed to weathering will change the surface. Mother nature deposits leaves, pollen, mold, tree tannins, mildew, acid rain residue, dirt, etc. to settle on the surface.

In order to protect your aMbooo Outdoor product against naturally occuring outdoor elements, we have pre-oiled the surfaces 2 times with premium aMbooo Special Oil Made in Germany.

An annual cleaning and re-oiling with aMbooo oil helps to keep the orginal color of aMbooo. When installing aMbooo Decking next to pool areas with chlorinated water- you may see fading which is normal.

Cleaning aMbooo

For your ultra fine aMbooo Outdoor products, we recommend

  1. an annual cleaning with warm water and aMbooo Cleaner, use our aMbooo Special brush, it will remove most dirt, mold etc.
  2. Rinse with clean water until the surface is thoroughly clean.

After this process is complete, your deck is ready to either leave as is to weather naturally or re-oil. The most important step of the process before re-oiling is Rest and Wait. Let your deck dry completely! Your project has to be completely dry in order to go on to the next step- 48 hours is a good time to wait without temperatures going below 70 F.

Keeping your project beautiful

If you decide to keep the high end look of the surface, we recommend to re-coat the aMbooo surfaces with aMbooo Special Oil once a year.

Before you re-oil aMbooo, use aMbooo Cleaner as described above. Follow the application instructions on the aMbooo container and you should see excellent results. Allow the oil to completly dry before enjoying your project. If aMbooo is used around a pool, you may need to re-oil 2 times a year or more depending on your desired outcome.

Good information to know
  • If you use a power washer to clean aMbooo, use a fan nozzle wider than 35 degrees-Do Not use smaller nozzles.
  • In case you need to repair a small scratch/gouge on the surface you can lightly sand that area and apply aMbooo oil.
  • If removing snow from your aMbooo deck, make sure that your equipment has rounded corners and no jagged edges so not to scratch the surface.
  • For Outdoor furniture use soft sliders under the legs to project the deck surface.
ambooo care
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